Our procurement solutions do three things for your business:

Save money, time, and effort

Our Brand Promise

We empower procurement teams and accelerate profitability.

Here's how:

As a group purchasing organization, Pro-Copia partners with the best suppliers to provide businesses access to unbeatable savings on essential products and services.

From procurement managers to business owners, executives and administrators alike, Pro-Copia helps organizations save money, time, and effort.

We’re here to simplify procurement and empower organizations through increased buying power, comprehensive savings solutions, and superior service.

Move faster, save more and look better doing it.

We’re a Sourcing Accelerator. Getting you connected to supplier contracts that align with your stakeholders’ goals in record time is what we do.

Get Quick Wins

Savings will always be at the top of your organization’s priorities, so let’s get that handled quickly and efficiently.
We’ll review your current spend, find a few categories to target and conduct a full cost analysis with our suppliers.

One-on-One Advisory

Don’t worry. We’re not here to take your job, but we will help you look like a sourcing hero.

Tell us what success looks like and we’ll roadmap it together. With all the time you’ll save, we can assist with your long-term, value-added sourcing projects.

Get More From Your GPO

At Pro-Copia, you’re more than a number — you’re a highly-valued partner. Most group purchasing organizations won’t take the time to understand your goals, stakeholder needs, or timeline. We do, and we’re ready to help today.

Our Top Categories and Suppliers

Members have access to our supplier catalogue with hundreds of pre-negotiated contracts in six key taxonomies, which means we’ll be able to accelerate your sourcing process in several categories. If you don’t see your favourite supplier, don’t worry. These are simply some of our most popular partners and we can still get you connected.

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